Sunday, January 21, 2007

The City is Empty: Pieces of Saturday Diaries

10:15 Another day to work, outside it’s 40°F, it’s cold maybe I will wear another jacket…Now I’m getting inside of my red car, I love this car and more because of the color, maybe it’s time to wash it, I’ll do it tomorrow if the weather gets better, probably it is…10:50 I am stop at the intersection of 11th and Congress, waiting for the red light to change, today it’s very foggy, I barely can see the Capitol Building but there’re this people just outside the Capitol Building, they’re protesting. “Bring Iraq Forces Home” I read on one of the signs, maybe they should….10:55 I’m here at Guadalupe @ 9th, again waiting for the red light to change, beside me there’s a bus, I think the one that takes you to the Airport. The city is empty, there’s no traffic and there’s only this girl standing in the corner, waiting to cross the street, she’s probably cold because it’s raining, but I think she’s taking picture of something, I guess it’s the Moonlight Tower…11:18 Now I’m on my job, I have to work.

It’s 10:40 and I’m here at the bus stop waiting to catch the 100 Bus. I’m excited; today I’m traveling to California to see my friends and family. I hope the bus it’s running on schedule. It’s almost here, today it’s cold and foggy…10:45 The bus is here…10:55 The bus just stop, we are waiting for the red light to change, I had never seen this park before, Wooldridge Park, it looks nice but nobody is there, it’s raining and too cold to be outside. The city looks empty too, beside us there is only this red car waiting too and this girl standing in the corner taking pictures of something...then I realize she’s taking pictures to something like a light tower, but a weird one, I had never seen one before like that…11:18 I’m at the airport now, I better hurry up my plane is leaving at 12:30.

10:45 I’m outside the Austin Museum of Art, I really liked, but now I have to go and see the Moonlight Tower they told me about, it’s raining but it doesn’t matter, only a few blocks. It seems like I’m the only person walking in the city, maybe because it’s too cold…10:55 I’m here standing in the corner, just below the Moonlight Tower, I’m waiting to cross the street so I could take more pictures of it. The city is empty; there are only one bus and a red car waiting for the light to change in the corner. Is interesting how our life connects because of this traffic light…we all have things to do, but we all have to wait…1…2…3…4…The traffic light changed.

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