Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Hangout

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon, the traffic was light, and pedestrians were waiting to cross at the intersection of Chicon and MLK. Despite the seemingly serene mood, there was a unique social interaction happening. At this particular corner was a Brite Food Mart and a Brite Wash that was brimming with activity. A woman walked into the store, perhaps to get change, and emerged a few minutes later and walked swiftly back to the washeteria. A young woman struggling with a heavy laundry basket followed a few moments later.

Two young women, who seemed out of place, were walking along the sidewalk, talking intently to one another. They did not glance towards the store, perhaps to not get any unwanted attention from the group of men in the parking lot of the store. They waited at the crosswalk and walked across to the gas station.

In the parking lot a group of men stood around a van and were having a great time conversing with one another. As a car was pulling out, one of the men walked over to talk to the person. Everyone seemed to know each other. Someone walked from a house across the way to join in their social gathering. The two young women emerged some moments after and continued walking along MLK.

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