Monday, January 22, 2007

Monkey and his banana

On a bright sunny day on January 18th , 2007 .
Sarah, a sophmore at the University of Texas -austin is walking to school from west campus for her 1:00 pm class. Talking on the phone with her best friend Sarah, she briskly walks along the sidewalk with her banana (breakfast) in hand. Suddenly, a monkey jumps out at her and scared her to drop her banana on the sidewalk and jump out into the street where a full speed car is approaching. The driver press the emergency breaks and stops just soon enough to not hit the girl. The driver immediately got out of the car to check on the girl, but his first step out of the car was on the banana. As he slipped and fell the monkey try to bite the driver cause the monkey thought he was trying to steal his banana. During all these commotion, the girl quietly sneaks away as she was late to class for her first day. The zookeeper saw the escaped monkey on the street and ran towards them. As the zookeeper tries to sedate the monkey, the zookeeper sedated the professor instead. And the girl's first class was canceled because the professor was absent in the hospital.


awhong said...

I like how each transition from one character to another is some catastrophe: like the monkey attacking the girl, the car driver almost running over the girl, the driver slipping on the banana.. etc.
It's one catastrophe after another.

adanziger said...

thats was very entertaining. it was a bit reflective of how life oftern occurs. we often move from one activity to the next and they are all interrelated. well written.