Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Manor road on a week-night

Driving along the road at around 9PM gave for an interesting perspective of what is typically a busy street by day. As I am focussing on temporal aspects of the street life, I feel it is important to observe different aspects of the day to get a feel for the time lapse of activities within and around the space. I will attempt to describe my first experience with the street on a Tuesday evening.

This first picture gives a good feel of the darkness that falls over the street with the exception of a few sporadic lights that find their way into a dark picture.

As can be seen in the second picture, there are a few buisinesses with lit signs to show their availability for use. These are slightly more concentrated in what may be observed as the busy part of the street between IH-35 and Airport. In the background of this one, you can see fairly clearly the main apartment complex in the area. It is dimly lit and modest.

This third picture is just showing a food mart of the area that appears to get about as much attention as a small gas station in a country town.

Finally, after much searching, we find the nightlife of the area. This small, quirky cafe/bar seems to be the local watering hole for the older youth of the area, possibly students and those not necessarily from the area originally.

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