Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Temporal Context

In the temporal context of a site, much is needed to be explored historically and presently. Moreover, these concepts in the temporal context will be needed to be examined at multiple scales.

Movement – an observation of the activities present at the site. What paths do people take? Which routes are more used? What are the different interactions of movement at the site? What is the choreography of the site and beyond the site?

History – an observation that is not limited to researching and investigating the historical context of the site, but an investigation of the process of the history. The stages that it goes through. What are certain aspects that remain? What were removed? What was the pace of the transitions?

Speed(s) – an observation of how fast the activities and lives are moving at the given site. Residential vs. Corporate. What is the pace that people move in? What is the atmosphere like? This reflects on the personalities and mind-sets of the inhabitants as well.

Rhythm – an observation on the cohesion of the site. How is everything linked? Does the site maintain a constant rhythm? Pace? Is it ever-changing? How does this reflect the history, movement, and lives of the inhabitants?

Circulation – an observation on the choreography of the movement at the site. How does the system of the site operate? How is the flow of movement regulated?

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