Sunday, January 21, 2007

The stop signs at the corners of 22nd and Nueces hold a highly commanding position on a regularly trafficked intersection. They hold the sole means of organization of movement at this intersection, as they govern the streets and sidewalks connected to this intersection. Cars approach, just as a crowd crosses the walkway.

Following the letter of the law, the car stops at the sign, allowing the people to cross unharmed and unchallenged, as they had the right of way.

Shortly after, two cars arrive at the intersection at almost the same time. Again the signs dictate order, as the car to the right is allowed to go first, following the conduct setup by the stop signs. The signs govern not only the vehicles of the streets and sidewalks, but also the streets and sidewalks themselves. Without the signs, the streets would conform to utter chaos rather than a smoothly operating system of transit.


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