Tuesday, February 6, 2007


staring up at the moon light tower on mlk and chicon, i am thinking about connectivity and complexity. just as a piece of matter exerts a gravitational force on every other molecule in the physical universe, so does the past exert its force on the present and future. i close my eyes and remove myself from the illusion of time. as below me are the buried remains of the past, so above me lies the endless possibilities of the future; and i realize that what is occuring here and now sits in its place relative to all other space and time, within the clock-work of the expanding universe. i turn to see the shell station whose parking lot i am meditating in, and it occurs to me that the gasoline i have pumped into my car used to be the flesh and blood of monstrous reptiles that ruled the earth 65 million years ago. their remains decayed and turned to oil, which millenia later was removed from below the surface of the earth by speculators and geologists in the middle east. that oil was barreled and shipped to america, where it was refined, hybridized and altered to create unleaded gasoline. between being pumped from the earth and being pumped into my car, this oil has come into direct interaction with 3000 human beings, and is the conglomerate end result of millions of dead lizards. and i myself am the conglomerate end result of millions of dead lizards. as i scale myself to the universal, i am both empowered and humbled, for although my scale is miniscule within the larger realm of the physical universe, my awareness and will to survive/procreate surely plays a driving, integral part in the universal will to become which links all life throughout reality. i jump into my car and start the engine. the gasoline is injected into the engine block where it reacts with perfectly timed sparks to drive the cams of the engine. the pistons begin a mind bending pace of 3000 revolutions per minute as i press the accelerater and let out the clutch. the tachometer drops and my car lurches forward. the exhaust from my engine passes first through a manifold, then to the catalytic converter and out my muffler. although my car is highly efficient and runs cleanly, the exhaust still reacts with the atmosphere around my car. the engine is running slightly rich, causing excess gasoline to vaporize out the back of my car, which in turn bends light that passes though it, so that to the observer, it looks like the air is distorting objects around it. as the vapor rises higher in the atmosphere, a miracle takes place: through the double phenomena of time and coincidence, the vapor forms such that light passing from below out towards the infinite sky above is magnified just enough to signal a passing alien space craft happening through the neighborhood of our solar system. his curiousity piqued, he materializes in front of me, beginning for the very first time in the history of the human race a collaborative effort to comprehend our strange and wonderful reality we call consciousness between two intelligent beings from different planets.

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