Tuesday, February 6, 2007


It is usually the city-wide "hot topic" that politicians, residents, and organizations have argued and disputed for years: East Austin vs. West Austin. But what many people seem to forget or simply overlook is the basis and understanding of the inhabitants that currently live in the area. By better understanding and analyzing this area with the criteria below one may better be able to understand the people who inhabit it.

People- who lives there? Who wants to live there? Influx of people and their purpose. Gentrification and how it effects inhabitants. Race, age, economic background, number of kids, etc.

Public/Private zones- spaces that may be accessed by many people and those that are restricted. Easements, city-owned property vs. private owned, renting space vs. owned space

Programs- what businesses exist? Late night or early morning motivated? Bars? Night life? High-economic or low-economic-based businesses? Residential vs. Commercial vs. city owned space.

Perception- graffiti? Perceptions of outsiders vs. insiders. Has the city ignored the area? Have roads been kept up and updated? Amount of city-based buildings and community activity centers/spaces vs. rest of the city. Income of residents. Treatment of city owned spaces.

Communication- amount of telephone lines. Internet connections. Community involvement and cohesiveness.

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